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Are you continuously suffering from severe tooth pain? You visited your dentist and he told you that you need to treat your the Root Canals. And you are worried about how to proceed for Root Canal? Are you nervous because you think that root canal treatment can be extremely painful like an operation? Do you think the entire process is expensive? All these lead to avoidance in the treatment procedures and you are compromising with situations? Don’t do this! Please! You are nourishing an ailment inside yourself which will take a drastic shape later on. In this context, Caredentalkochi plays a vital role in providing all the inevitable services in the most accessible manner.
Do you know when the bacteria break down your pulp and multiply itself incessantly, it forms pus or an abscessed tooth? This infection ultimately damages your tooth. Moreover, this swelling can affect the head, neck or face and you will face excessive pain too. Now, you think which option is better— suffering the pain and making your condition worse day-by-day or going to an Endodontist to receive treatments that will fix all your problems forever. And the pain obtained during this procedure is short-term and beneficial and comparatively less.


Root canal treatment is highly necessary when there is an infection or inflammation in the roots of the teeth. In simple words, Root canal therapy or treatment is the specific dental process where infected pulp is removed in order to save the patient from severe unbearable tooth pain. And the particular section of studies concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp is known as Endodontics. Pulp is the soft part of the tooth consisting of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. It is an interior part of the tooth and is protected by dentin and enamel layers of a tooth. However, sometimes, it happens that the enamel and dentin don’t function potentially and the bacteria get the chance to enter into the pulp.

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From here, the actual issue arises. Bacteria enter into the pulp and infect it. This infection causes swelling of the tooth and gums and also causes frequent pains and tension. We understand this situation. All our Root canal dentist or Orthodontists take special care and apply advanced equipment for disinfecting and afterwards, filling the appropriate sealing materials. A root canal sealer is introduced after the disinfection process is done. Here, our expert endodontists work efficiently in a well-planned way.
First of all, they will take an X-ray of your tooth. This helps them to observe the exact shape of the tooth and also determine the magnitude of infection like which surroundings bones are affected or not. Now, they anaesthetize your tooth. However, since the nerves aren’t so active in the pulp, thus anaesthetics application may not be so essential here. Yet, we use anaesthetics to avoid any sort of pain. And then, we use rubber sheets to keep the tooth dry and thereafter, the process of filling the sealer is continued with utmost care and perfection.

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Thus, if you feel signs and symptoms of root canal infection contact us as early as perfection. These signs and symptoms include severe pain in the tooth while chewing or applying any sort of pressure, discolouration of tooth, swelling of gums, extreme sensitivity problems, etc. You only have to contact us and you will experience the finest root canal services in the most perfect manner. The charges are economical and the services are of high quality employing highly advanced tools, techniques, procedures and equipment. We ensure you to restore your tooth in a comfortable manner. We take immense care in creating a satisfying ambience for our patients in every aspect.

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