Gum Disease

Gum diseases are also called Periodontitis and are literally hazardous. The bacteria enters into your mouth and harms your gums. These bacteria must be checked from spreading at the earliest as this will eventually result in the loss of your tooth. Infact, the bacteria have the capacity to destroy the surrounding tissues of the tooth brutally. However, the early stage of Periodontitis is also called Gingivitis. This is the stage which is certainly initial and taking a good care of teeth and gums at this stage is highly beneficial. At this point of time, bacteria build up plaque and a little bit bleeding occurs due to inflammation. There is no bone or tissue damage occurred till now. And if the situation is neglected or left ignorantly untreated, it will take the giant face which is also known as Periodontitis.

Why we get gum disease

Therefore, we advise you to avoid smoking, brush and floss your teeth. However, Tooth Disease can also occur as a side-effect of consumption of medicines, hormonal changes caused due to puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, etc. Gum diseases are genetically inherited too. We understand that gums are a pretty sensitive part of a human body and suggest you to remain stress-free, maintain a healthy diet, brushing the teeth time-to-time, avoid smoking as well as clenching and grinding of teeth as protective measures. All these measures help to depreciate the risk, severity, and speed of gum disease development.

health problems caused by gum disease

Gum disease is also linked to health problems such as Stroke, heart disease and diabetes. As an impact, a higher level of gum disease not only causes tooth decay but it can also leverage these health problems to an extremity. When it comes to diagnosis and treatment procedures, the eminent professionals of our entity, first of all, engage in different dental exams relevant to bleeding, firmness and swelling of gums as well as the magnitude of pocket depth, teeth movement, sensitivity, proper teeth alignment and structure of jaw bone. Pocket depth is the space present in between the tooth and gums.

pattern of treatment

A deep pocket depth of the tooth gum indicates a highly pathogenic condition of the gums. The pattern of treatment is created on the basis of these parameters. Based upon the stage of disease, they decide the right treatment option. However, there are two treatment options — one is the nonsurgical therapies where the growth of bacteria is controlled and stopped in the end and the other is the surgery which acts potentially to restore supportive tissues.

don’t ignore any symptoms

Thus, don’t ignore if you feel any uncomfortable symptoms in your gums like gum bleeding during and after brushing your teeth. Don’t bear an unnecessary pain caused due to red, swollen, tender gums. A bad breath and loose teeth also stand as the adverse cause behind gum problems.  Don’t ignore them. Come to Caredentalkochi for the right and robust treatment. We are always there to help you at any hour of the day. We are available during the emergency hours too. The services are affordable and top-notch in quality. The possessed equipment, tools, and techniques are modern and highly technological in order to avoid any suspicion in terms of oral healthcare.

100% positive results

Our associated doctors or dentists are highly trained and hate to compromise in the process of treatments and maintenance of hygiene and safety. They believe in following the ethical and moral principles and strive their best to produce 100% positive and successful consequences. They emphasize on providing a comprehensive set of oral healthcare using the latest pain management technology and resources that transparently allocates the oral needs of the patient. Trust me! An approach to Caredentalkochi will bring the expected productive results.

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