Dental Implant

Dental Implants are fixtures which are basically fixed on the jawbone and fused with the bone for a considerable period of time. These are the significant prosthetic replacement procedures for missing teeth. The process of attachment that occurs between the jawbone and the dental implant is called osseointegration. Dental implants are literally effective and have almost 98% success rate. And , this is because of the advancement in technology and science that makes everything easy, possible and accessible.

Ceramic implants

The artificial tooth are strong enough to stand as a bridge (or replacement). However, it doesn’t affect the nearby teeth causing a safe oral environment inside. Basically, the material used for making a dental implant is titanium and its alloys.  Nowadays, Ceramic implants are in trend and are applied. Ceramic implants are similar in colour with that of the natural tooth and thus, proves compatible for dental  implants. They are also very hard substances, next to diamond. However, still, titanium stands as the most efficient material in terms of implants because of its greater durability and solid nature.

We Maintain Proper hygiene and sanitation

We understand that dental implants are good and productive for your health problems. It is a smart investment that improves your speech, chewing and overall health issues. We provide our patients State-of-the-art computer-aided surgical planning & surgeries. The different anaesthesia (local injections or general anaesthesia) all are of good quality. All the equipment is also sterilized involving the global standard methods for the sake of maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation. No matter how many teeth are damaged and need to be replaced, we are always there to fix it up using the most effective methods and techniques. Our team will also help you to tackle some sort of comprehensive services too for you for a seamless service experience from our end.

No compromises

You will get the cheapest dental implants here without any compromise in the quality of diagnosis and treatment. We care for you and your oral health and heartily welcome all our clients to our entity. However, before starting any sort of treatment process, a comprehensive consultation is done. This is because different people have different problems with different solutions. This initial consultation requires an examination; a panoramic x-ray; and a treatment plan. This treatment plan is pre-planned and given to the patient with all the relevant details including the payments too. You can also ask for expert advice or opinions for a better lifestyle in the post implant period.

Solutions For All Your Problems

We offer effective solutions for all your problems relevant to dental implants starting from treating an infection to replacing a loose or decayed tooth. Moreover, our associated experts for dental implants possess depth-in knowledge about their field. They are committed towards applying the proper knowledge and providing the right treatment and medications employing their skills. They can apply all the procedures— complete or partial removal of denture, fixing dental bridge and dental implantation in the impeccable manner. However, which process should be applied among these and how depends upon some significant factors such as location of missing tooth or teeth,  quality and quantity of the jawbone, health and preferences of the patient, etc.

We Value Your Smile

Through our wonderful history and achievements of 99.9% success rate, we ensure you to bring a bright, beautiful and attractive smile on your face. In order to avoid pain, we apply anaesthetics before surgery. After the surgery is done, proper medication and pain healing options such asibuprofen Advil oracetaminophenTylenol are prescribed in order to lower the pain and post surgical risks. Apart from pain medications, prescriptions for antibiotics and oral rinses are also advised for fast and comfortable recovery.

We Love To See You Smile

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